France & Spain
Production facilities follow-up

ACI conceives, develops, validates and manufactures forward and rear chassis frames. With more than 4000 employees, ACI uses a wide range of technologies and internal know-how (foundry, collision, forming, hydroforming, manufacturing, thermic treatment, tack or electric fusion welding, painting, assembling)

ACI has a Product and Process organization with a strong involvement from workshops towards a continuous progress. That is why ACI has been using a production facility management system for several years. In 2002, faced by the multitude of installed software becoming obsolete, ACI chose COURBON’s PRODUCIM software for 18 new lines (manufacturing, assembly, weld and press). Several dozens production lines have been equipped with PRODUCIM since.

Technical, functional and financial reasons have enabled to promote PRODUCIM:-automaton predispositions are reduced and standard- global integration from Courbon- standard automaton communication ( Ethernet / OPC) - adaptability to various ACI businesses