Brive la Gaillarde
Workshop restoration

BLEDINA is the baby food leader in France, with brands such as GALLIA and PHOSPHATINE. Blédina products are divided into three sectors :
> Milk (liquid and powder)
> Various food (baby food jars, fruit juices, ready made baby meals, dried products, mash and soups)
> Fresh and dairy food (desserts made of infant milk, desserts based on fresh fruits)

The project named "Mosaic" consists in modernising the existing workshop for the production of vegetables and meat jars. For this project, there are:
- Three independent production lines for mashed potatoes, carrots, and vegetables / meats
- a composition / transfer line for mixture and sterilisation.

The qualitative and security aspects of this project are major considerations. The workshop has been enabled to meet new food hygiene and safety rules thanks to automation, repetitiveness and traceability of products and processes.

COURBON service

COURBON service is the result of a consistent operating tool for the production line which includes former equipment that has been modified (example: potato agricultural line),new equipment (example composition, NEP), and existing but heavily transformed and automated equipment (example: vegetables-meat line).