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Eurogerm - Saint-Apollinaire (21)

Flow piloting and traceability

EUROGERM is specialized in the R&D and mixing for cereal ingredients, technological auxiliary and enhancers intended for producers and users of flour and cereal (milling, bakery, biscuit, energy cereal products, chocolate manufacturers, dairy and ice-cream manufacturers).

Since its creation in 1989, and through its institute Arpèges, EUROGERM always centred its development strategy on innovation and food security.

That is why EUROGERM chose PRODUCIM®, COURBON M.E.S. software, to ensure piloting and traceability of all its operations, from reception to dispatch.

In 2000, EUROGERM had already assigned COURBON for the automation its mixture equipment with a monthly production volume of 3 000 tons.

The PRODUCIM® software suited EUROGERM by its easy use and its adaptability to all workshop needs (raw materials reception, inventory follow up, in-progress follow up, production piloting, product dispatch and quality management).

Now, the production control is secured with a successful traceability thanks to a computer system dealing with batch follow-up.