MES Software

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Strengthened by more than 3500 installations, COURBON, a leader in the Food and Beverage sector, is also recognised as a MES major player by Health, Environment and Automotive industries.

Forerunner on the information systems market, COURBON has developed M.E.S. (Manufacturing Execution System) software since 1992 enabling the manufacturers to :
measure, collect and pilot information to optimise production, packaging and storage resources

COURBON’s software, PHARMACIM®, and PRODUCIM®, are the result of extensive R&D programs developed in close collaboration with important players of world industry.

These high added value software packages are conceived, developed and implemented on standard platforms (systems, database, standards, architecture, ERP interface, automated systems) on which the engineers of COURBON apply their expertise and knowledge to their clients processes.

PHARMACIM® and PRODUCIM® are software specifically designed for industrial users to facilitate the management and piloting of production units. The software is simple and dynamic in its use and parameter setting is accessible to non-IT specialists.

Our software solutions: