MOULIN GUENARD Vonnas (01) & Saint-Jean sur Veyle (01)

Vonnas & Saint-Jean sur Veyle
Factory restoration : automation and traceability

For three generations, Moulin GUENARD has produced and sold animal food to the extent of 250 000 tons a year and is a regional leader today.

Its two production sites in Vonnas and Saint Jean sur Veyle are guaranteed Standard ISO 9001 Version 2000.

To cater for a highly diversified production, Moulin GUENARD has 3 specific production units. In order to have a tool that is reliable and flexible as well as answering to continually higher security requirements, the digital control system (DCS) has been replaced.

Moulin GUENARD assigned COURBON for a "turnkey" system including:
- automatisms replacement, cabling and electric frames restorations
- implementing an adapted piloting data processing.

Moulin GUENARD, which had in the past charged COURBON to set up the IT systems for its main site of Vonnas, benefits today from a "multi-site" homogeneous solution, simplifying data exchanges and consolidations.

COURBON’s "strike force" is able to address the client’s roll-out requirements by stopping the production for a week-end only.This "global" integration project has enabled COURBON to demonstrate its multi-competences