• Maintenance audit
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Adaptive maintenance
  • Functional maintenance
  • Evolutionary maintenance
  • Applicative maintenance
  • Operational maintenance
COURBON commits itself to maintenance contracts with the assurance of safeguarding specific or general knowledge depending on client options. These contracts incorporate periodic preventive maintenance and are primarily based on the set-up of a HOTLINE, with on-call duty. All the traceability relative to these contracts is managed and consultable on our software HELPDESK, specifically developed for our business.

COURBON offers clients contracts with a service commitment: SLA (Service Level Agreement):
  • TME (Tierce Maintenance Exploitation): monitoring and management of servers and strategic stations of the IT system
  • TMP (Tierce Maintenance Progiciel): adaptive, evolutionary and curative maintenance on PRODUCIM and PHARMACIM software
  • TMA (Tierce Maintenance Applicative): personalised maintenance of client’s applications (undertaken by COURBON or an external provider);