Our teams

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Our teams high level of competency is the result of:
  • recruitment from numerous Engineering institutions and universities giving rise to a diversity of professional credentials
  • a continuing education of technology, tools and contemporary methods
  • endless research for innovative new solutions in an effort to improve our service offerings
    This policy guarantees that COURBON’s expertise will continually meet the needs of the market.

The balance of our team’s diverse expertise is an essential element of our performance. The implementation of expertise is co-ordinated within project groups. IT specialists, automation engineers and electrical engineers work in unison for the success of multi-discipline projects.

The creativity of our teams is dedicated to software publishing. By listening to the needs of the client, customised and user-friendly software solutions are produced.

Before, during or after projects, support technicians, engineers and consultants provide their expertise to assist sales staff, project teams and clients.
Tomorrow’s expertise is developed today by a complete skills management approach

Furthermore, strengthening our management of expertise is:
  • the annual committee of careers management
  • a fixed training initiative which represents 4 to 5 % of the total salary (dependent on years)
  • regular individual interviews opening dialogue with employees and guiding skills development
  • a comprehensive skills data base