Production information systems project

  • MARIE, UNIQ group, 6 sites (F)
  • NESTLE, 14 sites (F)
  • FLEURY-MICHON, 2 sites (F)
  • RENAULT (ACI), 40 lines (F et Esp)
  • PSA, 2 sites (F)
  • AIRSEC, Süd-Chemie group, 2 sites (F)
  • LFB, 2 sites (F)
  • GSK, 2 sites (F, Brasil)
  • ROCHE, 3 sites (F, Brasil)
We support our clients on different production units, in France and abroad, by bringing our technical and functional know-how.

This approach enables cost and risk control, consistency of automation practices and control management for industrial groups.

Project to set up production information systems (MES) on a client site or with a "multi-sites" approach.

Our solutions are connected to the existing equipments and integrated to the company’s global management system (ERP). These solutions ensure the required level of traceability, quality, flexibility and reactivity to reach the most constraining production objectives.

Regarding "multi-sites" projects, we provide a successful method, based on an experimental Driving site.