Solution for Lube Oil Blending Plants

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FLEXBATCH® is a full configurable software solution that enables to manage your lubricant blending units.
FLEXBATCH® enables to pilot different types of blenders (ABB, SMB, ILB, ITB) and transfers (pigged: pigging, blowing and rinsing operations or affected lines).

FLEXBATCH® interfaces with the different PLCs and supervisors of the market.

FLEXBATCH® manages your raw materials and finished goods, and takes into consideration your business specificities such as :
Material viscosity, product density, compatibility management…
FLEXBATCH® manages status for storage tanks and gives you the possibility to calculate quantities and capture calibration curves for sensors.

In compliance with the ISA S88 standard, FLEXBATCH® enables to separately manage formulas and recipes.
The efficient recipe manager offers :
  • the use of generic names in order to limit recipe number,
  • a dynamic link according to equipment availability and product origin,
  • the automatic management of quantity adjustments according to real viscosities,
  • the management of product compatibility,
  • the management of cleaning operations.

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FLEXBATCH® offers you a rarely equalled flexibility in your production planning, it allows :
  • a feasibility control,
  • an automatic generation of rinsing recipes,
  • a management of "paths", equipment reservations and releases,
  • the continuity of manufacturing operations in accordance with quantity validations.

FLEXBATCH® offers you to follow-up your manufacturing status :
  • visualization of phase or parameter status,
  • start/stop actions, in progress blending interruption,
  • put on hold recipes without stopping pending phases.

  • all information can be exported in SV files through for example an export via Excel©,
  • the software enables to follow-up consumptions, carried-out batches, used equipments,… with a Batch report. A compatibility matrix secures process / product traceability.

In its standard version, FLEXBATCH® integrates truck receipt and delivery management.
The software manages the container and the status and characteristics of tanks. When there are no measuring sensors, the quantity is calculated.
For specific tanks, calibration curves for sensors are integrated.