ciiDOC v5.0 !

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The research of performance is a key concern for businesses and zero-paper is a vector of productivity gains.

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Discover the new version of ciiDOC v5.0 , a simpler and more user-friendly version !

ciiDOC is a simple and secure solution for the dematerialization of your documents
Based on your files in Word ™ format, ciiDOC allows to secure data entry, it stores and retrieves all the information constituting the manufacturing documents in electronic form : preparation, production, laboratory monitoring.
ciiDOC facilitates batch release by highlighting anomalies: off- limits values, repeated entries, missing data ...

Add-on supervision ciiDOC
Used alone or in conjunction with a management application, ciiDOC facilitates the daily work of your team (operators and managers) .

New features :
- Entry of OPC in dynamic table and returning of SPC curves
- Dynamic insertion of photos
- Integration of attachments.

Solution Benefits :

- Use of your own template files for batch follow-up available in Word ™ format,
- Securing data entry : source control, automatic stamping, electronic signature,
- Elimination of paper documents: no loss or damage during handling, secure storage, sharable documents,
- Productivity gains at the closure of work orders and analysis: highlighting deviations, multi-batch multi-criteria analyzes, simple navigation, audit trail inputs, PDF generation,
- Architecture that fits into your Microsoft environment.